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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 8-29-13

Scott Cunningham

Football's back! We made it!


Enjoy tonight's games, cable TV subscribers.

Every single Sports Illustrated expert picks Boise State as a BCS buster

Guess Sports Illustrated has been burned by Fresno State before. Show of hands, who hasn't?

I can't stop loving the Magic Valley Times-News

Note: They are not paying me to constantly link to their content and tell you how wonderful their Boise State coverage is. But if they wanted to pay me, I can be reached at or by PayPal at moneymoneyfunnybunny.

For those who care about special teams

Chadd Cripe's list of the big contributors to punting and kicking includes Dillon Lukehart, Taylor Loffler, Jack Fields, Chris Santini, Darren Lee, Ebo Makinde, and Mercy Maston. To summarize, there are six studly defensive players and one future running back star. Takeaway: Mommas, let your babies grow up to be Jack Fields.

Kellen Moore's incredible anti-aging secret

Not sure he has one, but how else can you explain him looking not a day older in this video? I've aged 20 years in the 10 years he's been gone. (He's been gone about 10 years, right?)

The first Forde-Yard Dash of the college football season

Like the first robin of spring.

"Milk was a bad choice!" Houston Nutt wishes he had stayed in Boise

The former Bronco coach (for a grand total of 265 days) applauds Chris Petersen for staying put, then wishes he had done the same. Uh, yeah, so does Bronco Nation! (Not really, please don't buy a time machine and have a do-over.)

ETC: College football's best hydrotherapy pools! ... Cool socks, Snoop Dogg Lion ... Bruce Willis says thank you for saving Bruce Willis's home ... this dog.