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Download these books. OBNUG wrote them.

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I like free e-books and I cannot lie, you other brothers can't deny.

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We at OBNUG are appreciate a good book now and then, provided that a) we wrote it or b) it's a Calvin and Hobbes anthology. Good news, then. The books we're hawking today are books we wrote!

Following up on last year's preview book, this year the OBNUG publishing house has gone digital and doubled its output. That's right, not one but two books - free, electronic books; take that, the man! - can be yours for the simple cost of a click.

The Countdown: All of It


The Countdown, OBNUG's love letter to the Boise State football roster, profiles each and every player on the Bronco football team, a feat of determination and madness performed by Drew Roberts and Friends. The Countdown e-book contains every player, No. 99 through No. 1, with measurables, look-a-like, and excerpt.

Recommended uses: Brush up on the roster prior to the big game. Print out for a 40-page game program with jokes. See if you can count how many players look like Usher. Download now.

Your second annual Bizarro Boise State preview

The follow-up to last year's choose-your-own-adventure, this year's preview takes a spin around time and space, looking at the Boise State football season in six very unique, very bizarre timelines. Whoever writes these sure is a strange dude.


In Perfect Chaos, you can follow your BSU heroes through six unique timelines and 50 easy, breezy pages. You can even get it on your Kindle for $0.99. Thirty-five cents per copy go to the author. And they said blogging doesn't pay!

Download a free e-book copy of Perfect Chaos.