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OBNUG's Pick Em is back

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The football season is right around the corner and that means it's time to fire up the OBNUG Pick Em contest for another year. Check here for the details.

Can you believe we are finally on the home stretch to the season? We less than a week away from another season of roller coaster emotions known as college football. And while that means another nausea inducing opening game for Boise State this Saturday, it's also pretty exciting.

It also means that it's time for OBNUG's annual Pick Em Contest. We've experimented with some different formats in the past few years like our survivor style Eliminator contest last year or just plain having everyone pick their games in the comments. But this year, the tides have changed and now Yahoo Sports recognizes The Mountain West as a worthy conference. Actually the Sun Belt is in there too, so scratch that last part.

How it works

We'll be using ESPN's Fantasy site to do the pick em again this year. It's a pretty simple setup of picking the winner of each game each week, straight up, but adds the wrinkle or ordering them in the confidence you have in each pick.

It doesn't offer as many options as Yahoo's, but also doesn't cap the group size at 100.

How to Join

In order to join the group, just click on this link to the College Pick'em.

Group name: OBNUG
Password: obnug

What's on the line

As of right now, bragging rights is all we have to offer. However if you are a local business owner or just a philanthropic person and want to offer a gift, drop us a line,