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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 8-27-13

Otto Kitsinger III

Wanna feel really good? Just press play.

Boise State 2013 Brick by Brick (via BroncoNationNews)

What EA sports thinks is happening on Saturday

A very cool simulation by my brother-in-law over at the Blue Turf Nation. He simulated a BUNCH of Boise-Washington games, and recorded all the stats. This should give us at least an idea of how the game could potentially be played out, minus the us losing of course.

ASJ not yet cleared to play. I mean Sark will undoubtedly clear him, but the medical staff hasn't given the go-ahead yet. Fingers crossed!

Yours truly appeared on the Speaking on Sports Radio/Blog-Talk show yesterday. I talked Boise State football with host Bo for about an hour. Bo also had me on last year, and it was good to be back. Give the podcast a listen if you have some extra time. I come on around the 54 minute mark.