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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 8-20-13

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Ethan Miller

Statesman position preview - Broncos 'tight' at tight end

Bronco practice report - Day 14

Many of you saw/read about the Sunday fall scrimmage. Here's a few more notes from Idaho Presser, B.J. Rains.

Mountain West gets big deal

It's a pretty big deal to play the last college football game of the regular season, and not compete with any other games for viewers. We've seen in the past how ESPN can over-book, and run a Boise State game on the same day as LSU-Oregon. Well it looks like CBS won't be doing that. The Mountain West has secured a contract with CBS (yeah - the free one on channel 2 that everyone gets) the Mountain West football Championship Game. It will air after the SEC Championship Game, and be the last regular season football of 2013. 8pm MTN, Dec. 7.

Huskies to start preparing for Broncos today should have started that 8 months ago.