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Numerical Roster Countdown 2013: Day 14, Trevor Harman

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TWO FREAKIN' WEEKS. Also, two regular weeks.

The Broncos have just 14 days until kickoff in the Emerald City so today I'll highlight a player who wears the #14 jersey (among others)—Trevor Harman

#14, Trevor Harman, Senior, Punter



Height: 6'3"

Weight: 211 lbs.

High School: Southridge High School, Beaverton, OR

How'd he get to The Blue™?

Harman earned 3 varsity letters in football at Southridge High School and was named first-team all state as a senior after making 17 of 20 field goals and hitting 62 of 64 PATs. Harman earned first-team all-conference honors as a junior and senior. Harman's longest field goal for Southridge was 50 yards. Harman received strong recruiting interest from Oregon State and Boise State, but decided to walk on at Boise State with the class of 2009.






Career highlights

Appeared in all 13 games in 2012 as punter and primary kickoff specialist. Named to Fall 2012 MWC All-Academic Team. Broncos' kickoff specialist in 2011—playing in all 13 games and averaging 65.2 yards/kick and recording 17 touchbacks. Kickoff specialist for the Broncos in 2010. Averaged 63 yards/kickoff and recorded 9 touchbacks. Hit 22-of-26 field goals in high school and 85-of-87 PATs.

2013 prospectus

Ahh kickers...can't live with'em, can't live without them (until I'm finished with my lifelike pneumatic kicking cyborg). Trevor Harman, oddly enough, probably represents our most consistent kicker over the last four years. He booms his kickoffs and generally puts a good leg on punts as well and also shows good touch on the "coffin-corner" type pooch punts. Last season, Harman even showed a bit of (gasp) athleticism, by running for 21 yards on a sneak against Hawaii. When you think about it, Harman's got a pretty cushy gig as far as kickers go. If a punt is blocked, people blame the blockers and beyond that, the worst he can do is kick a ball out-of-bounds on kickoffs. Therefore, Harman is probably subject to a lot less fan ire than say...the placekickers, who have probably drawn a lot more heckles at WinCo than Joe Southwick has. For Harman's senior season to be a success, he simply needs to kick the ball as hard as he can on kickoffs and as fast as he can on punts. I won't be a keeping a kicker log or scatter chart this season (nor any other season), so if he can do those two things on a consistent basis, he's gold in my book.

Completely made up fact

In the offseason, Harman teamed up with Professor Ned Brainard to help give his punts a little extra "lift" this year.