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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 8-12-13

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Otto Kitsinger III

NFL Updates for Boise State Alumni

George Iloka made huge strides this offseason, jumping in front of USC's Taylor Mays on the depth chart.

Blake Renaud: Quiet, Stone Cold Hitter

A great look at the junior MLB who prefers to let his play, not his voice, lead the way.

A look at Boise State's 2014 NFL Draft Prospects

Good to see Matt Paradis getting some NFL love.  The author, Sayer Bedinger, sees our lovable, sometimes mulleted center as a middle round pick.  He also examines the NFL chances for Charles Leno, Demarcus Lawrence, and Matt Miller.

Rees Odhiambo: Boise State's Latest Diamond in the Rough

It's amazing to think that our starting RT has only been playing football for five years!!!  Odhiambo is poised to be the next great Bronco lineman.

Interesting Tweet of the Day