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Burning questions for the Boise State football team

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Brian Losness-US PRESSWIRE

Fall camp is but a weekend away, and when the Boise State football team starts practicing on August 5, they are going to have some questions to answer. These are the ones currently burning up the place.

Will we see the return of the high-powered Boise State offense?

Who is going to provide depth on the defensive line?

Is Bryan Douglas healthy?

How long before Nick Patti is the starting quarterback? Be specific.

What's that smell? Is something actually burning?

How many Shane Williams-Rhodes can fit inside one Mario Yakoo?

What does Dustin Lapray think of this despotic weather?

What type of fullback dive plays will Robert Prince call on the goalline? Straight-ahead ones?

How does one get to the Bronco Football Complex barber shop?

Does the Bronco Football Complex barber shop do bowl cuts?

Is Charles Leno related to Jay Leno?

Does Geraldo Boldewijn have his Toyota Camry addiction under control?

Who let a caveman onto the field? Never mind, it's Gabe Linehan.


Can Jay Ajayi realistically rush for 1,000 yards - against Colorado State?

Who takes better penalty kicks: Defensive tackles or tight ends?

"Did you guys know I have my afternoons free?" - Dan Hawkins

How will Boise State find more ways to get Matt Paradis the ball?

What is the status on churros at the fall scrimmage?

Is "working hard, hardly working" considered an unspecified rules violation?

Can I call the first play of the Washington game? Please?

Who moved Pete Kwiatkowski's cheese?

How do the Broncos plan on defending against Derek Carr's Axe body spray?


How much for the old video board? Will you deliver it to my house for $20?

Which true freshman will be the last to delete his Twitter account?

What books that I'll never read is Chris Petersen currently reading?

Could Jesus microwave a burrito so hot that he couldn't eat it?

Is punting necessary?

Are field goals necessary?

Can we just call defensive tackle Tutulupeatau Mataele "Toots"?

Who will win the fall camp competition to be the one who has to listen to Brian Murphy talk about his softball team during interviews?

Why aren't more people asking who is the next Joe Kellogg?

Has Tim Socha heard of CrossFit?

Will the looser alcohol rules for the Bronco Stadium parking lot affect the "First Down!" cheer in an embarrassing way?

What is the color scheme for the fall scrimmage? Can I wear zip-off short-pants?

Do you feel lied to by Ryan Braun?

Who's faster: Dallas Burroughs or Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe rolling downhill?

How will Boise State deal with the NCAA's new targeting rules besides sitting Jeremy Ioane for all pass plays?

Can we livestream this? (Question submitted by KTVB.)

Is Nick Patti the next Nick Lomax?

Will the new video board have a Kiss Cam?


Tennessee-Martin - That's a goof, right?

Did Boise State get the shipping insurance on the press pass they mailed me because I can't find it anywhere.

Why aren't footballs round? (Because life is not round.)

How will the media react to the omelette buffet being a cash bar?

Is Buster Bronco on HGH?

Which hat is Chris Petersen's favorite: ballcap, visor, wide-brimmed, or safari?

Are we on Candid Camera or is Grant Hedrick really the No. 2 quarterback?

Seriously, is something burning?