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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 7-9-13


Ready for some chills?

Bronco Nation News has posted their Boise State - Washington hype video. Be prepared to feel really awesome, almost like you're riding a unicorn on the most glorious rainbow ever, or whatever else your thing may be.

Boise State vs Washington Hype Video (via Bronco Nation News)

Best College Football Coaches

We all know who the real number one is, but at least SI got him in the top three; that's pretty much indisputable.

New video board definitely going up

The State Board of Education had previously approved the construction of a new video board for Bronco Stadium several weeks ago. Well, it looks like the funding is there, and construction is definitely going to happen. The board is supposed to be in some time during September, and will likely be ready for the third home game of the season. The video board will be constructed on top of the new athletic complex. Shweet.