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Numerical Roster Countdown 2013: Tutulupeatau Mataele

Ready for a pronunciation nightmare? You can thank this J.C. transfer.

Sunday is the day before Monday, which means Sundays and I aren't cool right now. But hey, I can rally. And so can today's special man, Tutulupeatau Mataele.

#55, Tutulupeatau "Deuce" Mataele, Junior, DT



Height: 6'3"

Weight: 280 lbs

Hometown: West Valley, UT

High School: Granger High School (Mt. San Antonio College)

How'd he get to the Blue™?

Deuce Mataele arrives on the blue as one of the more highly-rated Junior College transfers in school history. During his sophomore season, Mataele led the Mt. San Antionio Mounties in tackles (42 total, 23 solo) and 14.5 tackles-for-loss. He also forced three fumbles and had one pass breack-up. Deuce has proven to be a menace for opposing quarterbacks, being a prominent pass-rusher and pancake-avoider.

Duece Mataele 2013 LOI Highlights (via broncosports)




Mataele brings the power and pain of a 2.5 ton Deuce truck.



Carlton Banks

Career Highlights

Deuce played two seasons at Mt. San Antonio College before transferring to the blue. Deuce was a terror on defense, leading the team in both tackles and tackles-for-loss. His combination of size and speed made him nearly impossible for the larger, honkier offensive lineman to get their hands on.

2013 Prospectus

Deuce is gonna play. You can take that check to the bank. Or is it cash that check? But yeah, he'll be out there, and you can bet Derek Dallas Carr isn't going to appreciate it. Defensive Coordinator had this to say about the transfer:

He's going to play - he's extremely quick, an explosive guy. We're going to be able to get a good pass rush out of him.

Deuce proved his worth at the annual Blue & Orange Spring Game as well, where he had six tackles and a forced fumble. Earning Camper-of-the-Day honors wasn't out of the ordinary for Mataele either, as he continues to develop on the practice field as well. The defensive line has some strong talent, and Mataele will absolutely compliment the experience the Broncos already have.

Completely made up fact

Deuce's favorite movie is Pitch Perfect, and he plans to start a co-ed a cappella group if football doesn't work out.