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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 7-26-13

"You're my heartsong, Joe"
"You're my heartsong, Joe"

Chris Petersen raps with Rome.

Pete entered the Jungle (they still call it that, right?) yesterday and spoke with Jim Rome about a litany of subjects. It's a great interview, so listen now before someone files a copyright claim and they pull the file down from youtube. And don't worry, it's just audio, so the black screen never goes away.

Safety Jojo Mcintosh will decide August 2nd.


Mcintosh plays at Chaminade in California, a school known in the area for their blue field. Coincidence?

Boise State basketball poised for a big stride in 2013?

That's what ESPN's Jason King thinks. It makes sense too, the Broncos return 8 of the top 9 scorers to a team that received an at-large tourney bid last season. Boise State: now offering entertaining sports from September to March.