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Wake up Bronco Nation: 7-2-13


Iggy and incoming recruit Nick Duncan performing well for Australia

Through three games, Duncan is averaging 12.3 points and seven rebounds per game at the FIBA U-19 World Championships. Igor Hadziomerovic is playing with the Australian team at the Stankovice Continental Cup as they gear up for the World University Games.

Gene Bleymaier strikes again... on multiple fronts

Former Bronco track coach Jeff Petersmeyer has been hired for the head position at San Jose State. This comes on the heels of former Bronco men's basketball coach Dave Wojcik being hired to the head position for the Spartans. Looks like Belymaier isn't going to far out of his comfort zone for the hires.

San Jose State was in need of a new head track and field coach after Ron Davis was fired. That firing might get Bleymaier in some hot water.