Ranking the 8 losses of the Chris Petersen era

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Lets face it, as the winningest team in the nation since 1999, we in Bronco Nation are spoiled. Luckily, the losses are few and far between, so when they do happen, they hurt hard. Over the last seven years under Chris Petersen, we have only tasted bitter defeat eight times. They have all been rough, but some more than others. So here is my attempt, in order of least to most disappointing, of the eight losses of the Chris Petersen era.

8. December 23, 2007. East Carolina 41, #22 Boise State 38.

Bronco Nation was already disappointed in losing the WAC title for the first time in five years, so when the Broncos turned down a chance to play an ACC team at home in the MPC Computers Bowl to return to the islands for the second time in a month I think it's safe to say Bronco Nation felt more than a little let down. Boise State didn't even show up for the first half going down big at the half. They made it close in the second half, but a last second field goal by East Carolina ended a very lackluster season, even though we did win 10 games. This is still the last time Boise State trailed by more then 7 points.

7. September 8, 2007. Washington 24, #20 Boise State 10

At this point, the Broncos still really had never won a big time road game out of conference. So although we were riding a 14 game winning streak and were ranked in the top 25 to start the year (that was still a big deal back then) nothing really went well. We just had not learned how to win these type of games yet.

6. August 31, 2012. #13 Michigan State 17, #17 Boise State 13

After three straight seasons of wins over big named programs to open the season, the Broncos brought a lot of hope into East Lansing. Although new starting quarterback Joe Southwick never really found a groove and Boise State failed to score an offensive touchdown for the first time in the Petersen era. The Bronco defense, who scored on a INT return, could not stop Le'Veon Bell, who racked up 210 yards on the ground. Although it was close, it just never felt like we ever had enough to pull of this upset (although the season proved Michigan State was vastly over rated. Had this been the third or fourth game of the year I think we could have pulled it out).

5. November 23, 2007. #15 Hawaii 39, #19 Boise State 27

The entire season led to what was dubbed as the WAC Championship Game, with the winner getting the upper hand in the race to the BCS. Hawaii had had several lackluster wins during the season and Bronco Nation could feel a sixth straight WAC title was inevitable. But right from the opening kick we did not have an answer for Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan. For the first time in five years we were not conference champs and it just felt...strange.

4. December 23, 2008. #11 TCU 17, #9 Boise State 16

Thanks to Utah keeping us out of the BCS for the second time, we went to the Poinsettia bowl to play a two loss but still very highly ranked team in the Horned Frogs. Boise State led the entire game until 8 minutes left in the fourth. We settled for a 33 yard field goal with 4 minutes left and got the ball back with only seconds left. The biggest play from this game was Byron Hout's interception and long return, but I do believe we didn't even score the following possession. Also, it pains me to watch that play because had Hout spun the opposite direction he could have walked into the endzone.

3. November 12, 2011. #24 TCU 36, #5 Boise State 35

Gary Patterson dialed up the best game plans I have ever seen. Knowing the Broncos were thin in the secondary, he went deep early and often, burning the Broncos for 3 60+ yard touchdowns. The Broncos had a chance to run out the clock, but Drew Wright, playing after injuries to both Doug Martin and D.J. Harper, fumbled. Casey Pachall drove TCU to a touchdown and game winning two point conversion. The loss ended the Broncos 65 game regular season win streak, 47 straight conference game win streak, and 35 overall game winning streak. It had been so many years since Bronco Nation fans had walked out of Bronco Stadium after a loss we really didn't know how to feel. I don't think I heard anyone say a word until we got clear out to the parking lot.

2. November 26, 2010. #19 Nevada 34, #3 Boise State 31 in overtime

I know everyone would probably say this should be #1, but I'll list my reasoning in the #1. Boise State was ranked higher then ever in their history. A win, and a win the next week over Utah State, assured them of at least the Rose Bowl if not the National Championship game. But they hit a perfect storm in Nevada. Nevada had played the Broncos very tough the previous 3 years under the direction of Colin Kaepernick. It was by far the best team in Nevada history, having only a 6 point loss at Hawaii as their only blemish. Due to the Broncos dominance all season, the defense had not played an entire game all season and they just looked tired and slow the entire second half. And I'm not a Brotzman blamer, I blame the coaches for not having that defense ready.

1. November 3, 2012. San Diego State 21, #14 Boise State 19

One thing to me stands out about this game over all the others: we never lose games to teams we should beat. All other 7 losses were to ranked teams or in bowl games (other then Washington, but we had never won a game like that on the road at the time). Everyone hates the loss to Nevada, but Nevada was good, they were ranked, Nevada had played us tough for three years. San Diego State was a game at home, they were 6-3 at the time but their only good win was vs Nevada, and I don't think anyone saw this coming. We should not lose to teams like this and we had not since 2001 vs Rice. Also the fans seemed to give up. Down by 2 with 8 minutes to play a lot of the people around me got up and left. I have never felt more disappointed in the team and the fans. Everything about this game just felt wrong.

So that's my take, what do you think?

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