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Numerical Roster Countdown 2013: Day 64, Dan Goodale

64 was my favorite Nintendo. Anyone wanna play Goldeneye?

We've got just 64 days left until kickoff, but that number has yet to be assigned. Since #41 is currently double-booked on the Bronco roster, I'm pulling one out for today's countdown—Mr. Dan Goodale

#64, Dan Goodale, Junior, PK



Height: 5'10"

Weight: 193 lbs.

High School: Timberline High School, Boise, ID

How'd he get to The Blue™?

Goodale walked on the Boise State football team (sauntered on, really) after a stellar prep career at Boise's Timberline High School. Goodale was a first team all-state punter as a senior and was named an all-state second-teamer at wide receiver. As a senior, was named first team all-league at both positions and as a sophomore, took home honorable mention all-league honors.



"Goody got it" is what I hope we'll be saying after mid-range field goals and PATs.



Original Zod (Terence Stamp)

Career highlights

First team all-state as a punter and 2nd team all-state as a receiver in 2009. Starting kicker in 11 games in 2011. Appeared in final four games of 2012 season as kickoff specialist.

2013 prospectus

Let's be honest—Goodale's Bronco career didn't really get off the best start. As the freshman starter, he missed six PATs (not all on him) and 2 of his 5 FG attempts. That's not the worst year ever recorded...but one of those 2 FG misses was HUGE—the miss against TCU. Now the good news for Goodale is that he has 2 more years in the program to make things right. Sadlly, Kyle Brotzman's slip up came at the end of his Bronco career, so there wasn't much room for redemption—Goodale's unfortunate misses came in his freshman year and he'll have more opportunities to change his legacy, much like Michael Frisina did last season after sealing the Maaco Bowl win for the Broncos. It may not be fair that kickers get the blame and scrutiny for the tight losses, but there's just one way I know for them to combat that...make their kicks. Goodale will compete with JC-transfer Tyler Rausa and punter/kicker Sean Wale for kicking and FG duties this year. I think Dan has the inside track for kickoff duties, but will need to show he has more range on the FG side to stay in that mix.

Completely made up fact

Goodale is the first junior spokesman for Just For Men™