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Numerical Roster Countdown 2013: Day 68, Taylor Loffler

Slight change of plans today, but trust me...there's a method to my madness.

We've got 68 days until kickoff, but that number has yet to be assigned and #34 is double-booked (Kirby Moore, Taylor Loffler), so since 34 is half of 68, today I'll highlight safety Taylor Loffler (I guess I could've also just thrown a dart)

#68, Taylor Loffler, Sophomore, S



Height: 6'3"

Weight: 212 lbs.

High School: Kelowna Secondary School, Kelowna, BC (that's in Canada, for the geography challenged)

How'd he get to The Blue™?

Loffler did everything for the Kelowna Owls, and for once, that is not an exaggeration. Loffler was named the MVP for all of British Columbia High School football in 2010 after racking up 88 tackles and 4 interceptions on defense, throwing for 1,732 yards and 20 TDs, rushing for 814 yards and 16 TDs, returning 2 punts for touchdowns and 3 kickoff returns for touchdowns. For his efforts, Loffler was also named first team all-conference (possibly at up to 6 positions), an honor he'd received the previous year as well. Loffler's junior year was more of the same as he recorded 67 tackles and 3 INTs on the defensive side of the ball and accounted for 1,620 yards of total offense and 39 TDs. Sophomore season? Sure...7 INTs, and a kick return TD. Loffler was rated a 3-star recruit by Yahoo Sports (Rivals) and just a 2-star by Scout, who are probably harboring some deep grudge against Canada for winning the gold medal Hockey game. His other offers were from Montana and Oregon State.


"The Loff"

David Hasselhoff is "The Hoff". Why can't Taylor be "The Loff"?




Career highlights

Named the 2010 British Columbia High School Most Valuable Player. First team all-conference as junior and senior. 3-year team captain.

2013 prospectus

I feel for Loffler, I really do. His Bronco career can't have gone as he'd planned to this point, but there's good news…he's still just a sophomore and got a "complete" grade for Spring ball. In fact, Loffler—by all accounts—looked very good this Spring and might finally be back where he wants/needs to be. The Statesman's Chadd Cripe listed Loffler as an "up-and-comer" after this year's Spring camp and noted that the lanky safety was dislodging helmets in camp. Coach Kwiatkowski seems high on the Canadian as well:

"Once he figures (the scheme) out, he's going to be a force,"

If he's turning heads without really having a firm grasp of the schemes, that's a good thing. Then again, seeing as this is his 3rd year with the program and the schemes still have an air of mystery to him is slightly troubling…but I suppose that his lack of reps have harmed him in that respect. I expect that this season he'll be able to slowly work his way into things. He'll looks to project as a free safety, which would put him behind Darian Thompson at the moment. I also think that Chanceller James will be in that mix come Fall. Loffler has lost a little time, but thankfully, not all of his time, and there's still plenty left for him to make a big impact.

Completely made up fact

Loffler's new look is more about function than style. In the offseason, he's been playing bass in a Three Dog Night tribute band.