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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 6-13-13


Pack your bags for the Christmas Bowl.

This might be a phrase you actually end up saying should the proposed-but-not-yet-real Christmas Bowl come to fruition and should it get the Mountain West tie-in it desires. The game will be played in the Staples Center, is a thing I wish would happen.

Watch carpet grow.

If you've got four minutes to watch Boise State's new midfield logo get sewn in, set to the tune of that ubiquitous Internet Explorer commercial, then this video is for you. The carpet may be the star, but the time-lapse shadows steal the show.


Someone leaked the team ratings for EA Sports' NCAA Football 14, and now the world knows that Boise State is an 86 overall, out of a possible 99, and Idaho is a 63 overall, out of a minimum of 60. The world may have already known the latter.

No more Jamal Wilson.

The Boise State fullback has officially transferred to Montana. Do we get a do-over on Countdown Day #90?