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List: Made-up features of the new Boise State football complex

The new Boise State football complex will open later this summer, and it will be fabulous. But not as fabulous as it could be. Here are some things that just didn't fit in the budget.

Horse aquatherapy pool

Jared Zabransky self-commissioned statue of himself

Twerk wall

Tim Socha positive time out corner

Wax museum of Houston Nutt

Lego lab

Planking studio

Churro-scented air duct system

Infinity pool

A Dairy Queen

Hot tub time machines

Blogging basement

Drew Roberts art installation

Three-story trophy case

iMax film room

Segway infrastructure

Every wall is a Murphy bed

Megan Fox kissing booth

Gamecubes in every locker

Granite urinals

Skittles sprinkler system

Geraldo Boldewijn Toyota dealership


A dumwaiter from the kitchen to the offensive line meeting room

An offensive line meeting room

Doorbell by Dr. Dre

Wayne-dzuback's coating

Montessori school of Instagram