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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 5-8-13

Leon Halip

Stud DE gone

Freshman All-American Sam Ukwuachu is no longer a Boise State Bronco. Ukwuachu did not participate in the Spring Game, as he was taking care of personal matters, but he has since been dismissed from the team. Quarterback Jimmy Laughrea has also left the team. Ukwuachu's dismissal was for a violation of team rules, whereas Jimmy's was a personal decision. Its tough when things like this happen, but we must trust in Pete.

Titus Young continues idiocy

Former Bronco (how long should we continue claiming him?) and ex Detroit Lion Titus Young was recently arrested twice in a 15 hour time span. Young was pulled over on suspicion of DUI. After being released, he went back to the impound lot to try and retrieve his Mustang. Unfortunately for Young, you have to be nice and pay the money when you want it back. When will he learn?

2012 Best of Douggernaut

There's a prime-time video over on the NFL's website of Doug Martin being Doug Martin. If you'd like to have goosebumps/night terrors in the near future, give it a watch.