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Numerical Roster Countdown 2013: Day 93, Brennyn Dunn

The countdown is one week old. Happy birthday, countdown.

We've got 93 days left until the Battle in Seattle, so today I'll be highlighting the player with the #93 jersey—Brennyn Dunn

#93, Brennyn Dunn, RS Freshman, TE



Height: 6'3"
Weight: 212 lbs.
High School: Preston High School, Preston, ID

How'd he get to The Blue™?

Dunn walked on last season after a stellar career at Napoleon Dynamite stomping grounds, Preston High. I scoured for football stats for Dunn, but couldn't find any...suffice it to say he's quite an athlete, winning the 4A state high jump crown in 2012 and finishing 2nd in the 110 hurdles. Dunn was also state runner-up in 2011 in the 110. Dunn reportedly turned down scholarship offers from Utah State, Weber State and Idaho State for a preferred walk-on slot with the Broncos. That's an OKG.


"Git R"


Larry the Cable Guy approved



Shute from Vision Quest

Career Highlights

Named 2012 First-Team All-Area by Idaho State Journal. 2012 State high jump champion and 110 hurdles runner-up. 2011 state runner-up in 110 hurdles.

2013 Prospectus

Dunn is actually a pretty exciting prospect at tight end for the Broncos after being invited to walk-on. He still hasn't had much success adding bulk, but he's got great speed and could end up being a receiving weapon down the road if he sticks around. I love the local (or semi-local) kids making good and Boise State has a rich history of turning walk-ons into stars. I see no reason why Dunn can't continue that trend—I'm just not sure if this year is the year for a breakout. With Gabe Linehan (hopefully) back in the lineup and sophomore Holden Huff coming on strong, the Broncos should have the offensive weaponry they need at TE and with Connor Peters and Kyle Sosnowski should have the blocking to-boot. Add true frosh Jake Roh and fellow walk-on Jake Hardee and it's clear the Broncos aren't hurting for tight end depth. They are hungry for playmakers though, and if Dunn fits that bill, he could make a huge leap up the depth chart this Fall. My gut says that 2014 is more Dunn's time to catch fire, but as usual, any injuries to the corps will shuffle the deck in a hurry. Dunn may not hold a scholarship yet, but don't forget that he is a scholarship-caliber athlete...just look at the schools he spurned. Dunn possesses a rare combination of size and speed that will be a valuable asset as he grows in the program.

Completely made up fact

Dunn wants everyone to know that Preston, Idaho is nothing like the lame, backwards town depicted in Napoleon Dynamite. For example, the Rex Kwon Do studio is on the east side of town, not west...and the tetherball court is undergoing major renovations.