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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 5-3-13

Otto Kitsinger III

Taylor's kidneys

Jamar Taylor has been on high blood pressure medication for many years now, and evidently that's a problem. The medication apparently damaged his kidneys to the point that they were only functioning at 42%. This was discovered at the combine, and is considered the primary reason that Taylor dropped as far as he did. An early second round pick isn't bad by any stretch, but after considered by many to be a first-rounder, this may be the best possible explanation. Hope he gets the best treatment available in the NFL.

J.C. Percy gets tryout

Percy has agreed to a free-agent tryout with the Kansas City Chiefs. More info as it becomes available.

Season ticket comparison

Some great insight into the season ticket prices at Bronco stadium vs a few PAC 12 and MWC schools. I like that Coyle said he they need to be careful about pricing themselves out of the market. I like that a lot. Hopefully they can continue building the brand and filling the stadium at every game before upping the cost.