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Who's the most exciting Bronco?

Which player gets the most blue and orange blood coursing through your veins?

Otto Kitsinger III

The Broncos have plenty of playmakers on the roster—from workmanlike linemen to fearless special teamers, but who is—or will be—the most exciting Bronco to watch? Here are a few candidates.

The Candidates

Holden Huff

Huff came on strong at the end of 2012 and should make for must-see viewing in 2013 if he can keep some of that momentum. At 6'6", he's a bigger target than we're used to seeing at either TE or WR...and he's played a bit of that hybrid role here to date. Only a redshirt sophomore, I think Huff's highlight tape is only on its first spool—250 receiving yards and 4 TDs on just 17 receptions is a helluva start.

Matt Miller

Miller isn't necessarily flashy, but he gets the job done. For fans that suffered through a somewhat anemic offensive performance by the Boise State offense last season, getting the job done is all the excitement they could ask for. Miller had 769 yards in 2012 and 5 TDs. He was a spark for the Bronco offense, but wasn't exciting in a "rewind the film" kind of a way.

Jay Ajayi

Ajayi already has me excited about the 2013 season as, like many, I'm wondering exactly what he can do with the lion's share of the touches in the Bronco backfield. Ajayi isn't a speed burner, but he punishes defenders and there's something about his running style that is darn fun to watch. What I like about Ajayi's game is that he appears to be many running back types rolled into one. He has a bruising up-the-gut style reminiscent of Doug Martin or Emmitt Smith, but also has some moves to go along with his stiff arms. His 6.7 YPC average is bound to fall a bit back to earth this year, but I expect many a highlight reel run from the big Texan.

Shane Williams-Rhodes

239 yards and 3 TDs is all the offense we saw from SWR's true freshman season...but his kick return at the end of the Maaco Bowl helped seal a victory for the Broncos and 2013 promises to have him touch the ball early and often. Williams-Rhodes diminutive frame belies his ankle-breaking quickness and speed and this Spring he appeared to have taken the next step as a receiver and kick return specialist. SWR reminds me of that kid in Bad News Bears 2 that gets loose in the Astrodome and then no one can catch.

Demarcus Lawrence

Already considered a surefire draft pick in 2014, Lawrence has the tools to put together an epic season this year. As an All-MWC first teamer in his first year with the Broncos, Lawrence was nigh unblockable at times last year. His 9.5 sacks and 13 tackles-for-loss were accomplished in just 11 games—imagine what he can do in 13 with a year of starting experience under his belt.

Jeremy Ioane

Ioane started to live up to his billing last season both as a hitter and as a ball hawk. I like picks as much as the next guy, but let's be fans like big (clean) hits and Ioane can pack a punch. Last season, Ioane had highlight reel moments in both categories, but I think his hitting prowess is what gets the crowd amped.

Blake Renaud

Thus far, most of Renaud's adrenaline-fueled moments have come on special teams, where he's been one of the teams biggest and most fearless hitters. In 2013, I'd look for the Junior to bring the pain and subsequent excitement to the Bronco D as our starting MLB. If he can also replicate the ball-hawking ways that he's brought to Spring and Fall camps, I think he's a less obvious choice for most exciting Bronco.


Did I miss a returning player who's a constant highlight reel threat? Any true frosh you think could eventually assume this title? Discuss.