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Bronco summer plans

Now that school is letting out for the summer, OBNUG did a little strawpoll to find out what some of the Boise State football players are planning on doing on their break. Here are some of their answers...

Geraldo Boldewijn—"Some travel...probably some car shopping"

Shane Williams-Rhodes—"Going after this 'Drew Roberts' character, who keeps making fun of my height. I mean, have you seen the guy...he's probably like 2 inches taller than me."

Jay Ajayi—"Work with my speed coach. Hill runs with MWC defenders strapped to my ankles"

Demarcus Lawrence—"Not getting into any type of trouble whatsoever" (this one will need to be notorized)

Eilliot Hoyte—"Headed back to England for spot of tea, will be back to run decks tomorrow morning"

Gabe Linehan—"Getting more ink (for fountain pens, mainly)"

Troy Ware—"Perfecting invisibility serum, a few reporters spotted me during Spring Camp."

Ben Weaver—"Tackling Dummies," (when asked to clarify) "headed to Moscow, Idaho"

Tutulupeatau Mataele—"Add a few vowels to my name...just to freak out Bob Behler."

Andrew Pint—"Lather, rinse, repeat."

Nick Patti—"Getting chassis on Patti Wagon fixed, came under a lot of strain after Jimmy Laughrea left the team."

Armand Nance—"Talk with aspiring fullbacks and tightends about never giving up on their dreams of becoming an interior D-lineman in less than 3 months"

Chris Santini—"Liftin'"

Jake Broyles—"Now that school's out I can finally have some fun! Big Book of Sudoku, here i come!"

Tyler Horn—"Going outside, then inside, then outside again"

Holden Huff—"Nothing at first, but eventually I'll start doing a ton of stuff toward the end of summer and everyone will be like 'wow, this guy is pretty good at summer stuff...where was he in June?'"

Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe—"Headed back to Amsterdam to stock up 'you know what'" (points to Toblerone)

Kirby Moore—"Just excited to spend time with my favorite brother again" (points to Toblerone)

Joe Southwick—"Got a new Slip 'n Slide...gonna work on not sliding just short of the plastic this year"

Mario Yakoo, Matt Paradis, Marcus Henry, Spencer Gerke—"Protesting restraining order from Big Jud's"