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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 5-13-13


Titus at it again

Former Boise State Bronco and ex-Detroit Lion receiver Titus Young was arrested for the third time in a week. This is the most press Young has had in years, and unfortunately it's not the kind you want. Young has been charged with Burglary, Assault on a Police Officer, and Resisting Arrest. It's sad to see him spiral down even further like this.

The future of football

No, I'm not talking about robotic quarterbacks, although one would most assuredly be named Kellen Moore. What Murphy is talking about here is the potential for the Big 5 conferences to split off from the NCAA altogether. I must admit, I've never really thought about this actually happening, so it's an interesting idea to say the least. Give it a read, give it some thoughts, then hit the comments.