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2013 hopes and dreams

Full disclosure, I didn't have the time to write a proper Monday morning post yesterday as I was saddled with a rather nasty stomach bug. The good news is that I'm feeling much better today...the bad news is that I woke up with no idea what to write about. Consider this post "plan B"

Otto Kitsinger III

The 2013 Bronco football season is still an agonizing 4 months away, but we can still dream a little. Below are my hopes and dreams for the upcoming season, in no particular order. Please add yours in the comments, so I can remember all the ones I forgot about.

  • 1,000 yard rusher—the safe bet is that this feat is accomplished by one Jay Ajayi, the unsafe bet is that this feat is accomplished by Marcus Henry. Bet accordingly.
  • Dominant rush defense—there was a time when stopping the run was the bread-and-butter of the Bronco defense. Last season was not that time. Boise State finished a respectable 46th in rush defense last year...but that was nowhere near the Broncos' standards. They allowed several individual 100 yard rushing performances from "lesser" opponents and made Leveon Bell look indestructable in the opener and Washington's Bishop Sankey look like a Heisman candidate in the Las Vegas Bowl. The linebacker play has to be better, the interior D-line needs to be tight, and the defensive ends have to seal the ends more efficiently. The Broncos pass defense finished the year ranked 5th in the country in 2012...let's shoot for that against the run, eh?
  • WRs live up to potential—Last season our receivers were absolutely practice. This year, I'd love for our receivers to impress more people than Chadd Cripe. Sick of hearing about Aaron Burks outrunning a cheetah and jumping over an Audi in camp only to be targeted zero times in subsequent games. Burks and Boldewijn have the size and speed to be dominant receivers for the Broncos, so get to dominatin', kids. *Matt Miller thus far exempt from criticism.
  • Dominant run blocking—We talked about this a bit with our offensive unit grades, but the Boise State O-line has been a bit one-sided with their domination of late...keeping the QBs squeaky clean, but failing to road grade for the running backs. Fortunately, we've had awesome running backs the last few years (and likely this year as well), but I'd like to see holes opened up with more consistency in 2013, both for our running backs and our sometimes-running quarterback.
  • An outright MWC title—The MWC should actually be pretty competitive this year, with a resurgent Utah State and San José State, a bi-polar Fresno State, and a San Diego State team that beat the Broncos AT HOME last season. Really would make an outright title all the more satisfying.
  • BCS bowl—This is the last year that the BCS will exist in its current format. It'd be nice to be the first (and last) non-AQ school to book 3 separate trips