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Old Timey Spring Report: The conclusion

Spring camp is winding down, but we've still got the goods. Pipe down and read up.

Heebie Jeebies

Looking at the roster of wingbacks, one can't help but get a little goofy. The Broncos have at least 3 wingbacks that are built like a baby grand and can run like the Galloping Ghost himself. We've mentioned Jay Ajayi before, but Derrick Thomas and Jack Fields both look to be the feline's bedclothes as well.

Great Scot!

All in attendance at the spring festivities have been impressed with freshman Scotsman Sam McCaskill—who's put aside his native kilt to don the blue and orange. He's disrupted play in the backfield no matter the ball-hurler and I think with some luck could prove to be a gate crasher on the Bronco defense. Save some haggis for me, chum!

Wild man of Borneo?

Practice was interrupted by a wild man this morning who looked like he may be up to no good. He claimed his name was "Gabe Linehan", but I was quick to tell the constabulary otherwise. When one approaches the football playing arena, is it too much to ask that they put on like Joe Brooks?

Hair of the dog

The gridders are perfecting their game this fall, of course, but so too is tee-fetching canine "Zee". The furry hound has been busy this spring running to-and-fro on the turf and his heroics have many thinking he should replace Rin Tin Tin in the next Darryl F. Zanuck talkie.

A great play if I've ever seen one—and I have!

My play of the day has to go to wingback Matt Miller, who's leaping grab of a tipped Nick Patti fore-ward pass had all in attendance crying "Hot Socks!" Remember, I've seen Curly Lambeau play, but this particular play was pos-i-tively Jake!

A spirited beating

Junior end Demarcus Lawrence beat tackle Charles Leno on a draw play so badly that I thought I was witnessing Dempsey-Willard all over again. Leno was a good sport about the thrashing, however, shaking his fist at Lawrence and exclaiming "hail fellow—well met". Well met, indeed Mr. Lawrence!

Obedient pupils

A bit of tomfoolery pervaded the practice session early, until Old Dutch Petersen took to the pitch and ended the hijinks once and for all. The ball team has place enough for a hot-sketch, but Petersen puts an end to hooey with a quickness. Let that be a warning: if your idea of work is "let George do it"—best go chase yourself!

The Melvin Marsh Minute


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