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Broncos in the NFL

Only one Bronco was drafted this year, which obviously is the biggest travesty in the history of the world. Still, all is not lost for our departed Blue and Orange brethren, as several have inked free agent deals or procured an NFL tryout. Here's how our guys fared so far.

Brian Losness-US PRESSWIRE

Jamar Taylor, CB

Drafted in 2nd round to Miami (54th overall)

CB Jamar Taylor was expected by some to be a first-rounder, but actually dropped a bit in the draft and ended up going in the 2nd round, and behind 7 other corners. Still, a 2nd round pick is nothing to sneeze at and it served to put the familiar chip back on Jamar's shoulder.

What they're saying about Jamar

"He’s a great kid with prototypical size and speed," Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland said. "He’s very smart, very physical and can play inside and outside so we’re very happy to have him. He’s got very good ball skills and plays with a great awareness and instinct."

What Jamar is saying about Jamar

"I play with a swagger and I’m kind of chippy," Taylor said, "I like to talk stuff, I like to have fun and I like to keep a smile on my face. I play real aggressive and I’ll let you know what I’m doing."

What is this "stuff" you speak of?

What I'm saying about Jamar

"When the zombie apocalypse eventually comes, I'd like to have Jamar in my corner (provided he's not a zombie yet). He seems like he'd be handy with a crossbow."


Good to great. Miami's pass defense was full of suck last year and picking up a strong corner like Taylor adds immediate help. Miami signed free agent CB Brent Grimes and drafted pass-rush specialist Dion Jordan so they're looking to improve in that dismal pass D category. I think Taylor steps right in and starts.

D.J. Harper, RB

Undrafted free agent (signed with San Francisco)

Perhaps it just wasn't a running back draft, evidenced by the fact that not a single rusher was picked in the first round. At any rate, Harper never heard his name called during the 3 day draft event so he did some calling of his own—eventually settling on Super Bowl runners up, the San Francisco 49ers.

What they're saying about Harper

Not much. Yet?

What Harper is saying about Harper


And we're ready to cheer for you n not for Kaepernick.

What I'm saying about Harper

"D.J. Harper is awesome. Knee-destroyingly awesome."


Eek. Harper likely played a large role in his free agent destination, but couldn't he have picked a place with a few less backs? The niners already have a lot of good backs on the roster (notice I didn't say a lot of good knees) and just got a few more. San Fran picked up South Carolina standout Marcus Lattimore in the 4th round and already have Frank Gore, Kendall Hunter and LaMichael James on the roster. Whether Harper is angling for a practice squad spot or just really wanted to challenge himself—he'll get what he wanted.

Jerrell Gavins, CB

Undrafted free agent (tryout with Tampa Bay)

Despite Gavins smallish stature, he's played a huge role on the Bronco defense the last few years and honestly, might've got some draft buzz had he not missed his junior year and played sporadically throughout his senior campaign. Gavins has a big heart and big work ethic—two things that don't mean much to NFL GMs, but mean a lot to us, dagnabbit!

What they're saying about Gavins

Nada. Also zilch.

What Gavins is saying about Gavins

“All I asked for was an opportunity from God and I got it,” Gavins said in a text message. “Now I know it’s time to capitalize.”

What I'm saying about Gavins

"When Gavins was rocking the dreads with the frosted tips, I'd rent 'Predator' every night and root for the Predator"


Gavins will head to Tampa Bay next week for the Bucs 3 day rookie tryouts...not a huge trip since he's from the Miami area. Gavins obviously has a few things going against him (knees, size, size) but if he can show up and play as big as he has for the Broncos, he might just shock a few people and come back for training camp.

The rest

Hoping to hear about signings or tryouts for players like Dan Paul, JC Percy, Tommy Smith, and Mike Atkinson. We'll chat about it when we do.