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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 4-22-13


Basketball scheduling

The Broncos are in discussions about scheduling a road game at Kentucky for this coming fall. Coach Rice wants to give the boys a big game on the road, and Kentucky would be just the team to do it. A lackluster campaign this year is no indication of how Kentucky may be this coming season. They've already signed six of the top 20 recruits, and are being talked about as favorites for the upcoming season. Would you like to see this, Bronco Nation?

Bronco coaches making moves

And by Bronco Coaches, I do mean ex-Bronco Coaches. Former Special Teams Coach Jeff Choate will join another former Bronco Coach, Brent Pease, at the University of Florida. It's exciting to see connections to the program go on and create future's of their own. It's also kind of bitter. Ah well. Good luck, Coach.