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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 4-19-13

Gregory Shamus

Coach Pete has fun, players enjoy

Coach Pete is a man of business and gettin' stuff done. But every now and then he likes to cut loose a bit too, and the players sure do enjoy when he does. Recently, the players all got to switch jerseys at practice. The funniest of which may have been Bryan Douglas wearing the big No.78 jersey of Charles Leno. Even more funny may have been Leno barely being able to squeeze into a jersey less than half his size.

Young has a conscience momentarily

Titus Young recently proved he has a conscience, but immediately deleted said conscience. Young tweeted an apology to Detroit fans via his Twitter account, which he had deleted within minutes after the tweet. Awesome. That's definitely a sincere apology. Does Young even have a future in the league anymore?

Coordinators look for a better second year

Many of the offensive struggles in 2012 were blamed on offensive coordinator Robert Prince. But what many casual fans don't understand, is how many coordinators the Broncos have been through in recent yeas, and how much that can affect the offense. Especially when that offense had been tailored to Kellen Moore for nearly half of the last decade. With another year under his belt, Prince is looking to help tailor the offense more to Southwick's strengths, and build on a solid second half of last year.