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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 4-16-13


NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is just around the corner. Former Broncos and draft hopefuls are continuing their workouts, some of them with real life teams! The date for the draft is April 25th - 27th, so expect a flood of information coming in soon on that.

Boise State says no way, we ain't payin'

Having never played a down in the Big East, American Athletic Conference, the Broncos are seeking a waiver for the $5 million penalty for leaving the conference. I believe Boise State has a pretty good case here for getting out of the fee, but a contract is a contract. Unfortunately I bailed on Law School. Professionals out there? Help?

Greene says no

BSU QB recruit Jalen Greene loves the blue, thank goodness. Auburn and BYU evidently came calling, and Greene was quoted saying, "I'm pretty much wrapped up with Boise". Yes! 'Atta boy! Bronco Nation News posted the original quote, which was tweeted by Sports Recruits, and subsequently RT'ed by Jalen himself.