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Spring football notebook: April 11, 2013

Spring football is waning, so savor these last morsels of football until the cruel Summer is upon us.

Otto Kitsinger III

The Statesman has press credentials. We don't. Who's up for some analysis of their analysis?

Stuff of great import

All Joe, all the time.

The Statesman has covered all position groups throughout Spring Camp, but they've definitely lingered on the QB position—specifically, our returning senior starter Joe Southwick. Southwick needs to have a good year for the Broncos to accomplish all they want to in 2013, and he can't take 5 or 6 games to get to Petersen's mythical "high level"...he needs to start there in Seattle. How's he doing? Not too shabby, according to the wise sage of The Blue, Chris Petersen:

I think he’s playing at a high level in practice, but it’s practice — there’s no do-overs when we play. But he’s been around here a long time and he gets the concept of practice, that it may not be perfect, but it has to be at a really, really high level for that to carry over on game day.

Translation: "He's doing good, but it's practice...he needs to be better come August"

Sub-translation: "High level, high level, high level"

Lukehart needs a TUMS™

The Spring game doesn't have much bearing on the season—heck, the 2013 commits won't even be on campus for a few more months...but that doesn't mean the spring participants aren't getting seriously geeked for Saturday's festivities. Safety Dillon Lukehart is getting urpy just thinking about it:

"I’m nervous right now talking about it, a good nervous, excited, the butterflies going. I’m kind of antsy and ready to go play."

Ohhh...the winning side gets a shower and a teriyaki bowl? It all makes sense now.

Kickin' it old-school

And by "kickin' it old-school", I mean we're once again going through the same crap with the kicking game. Why God?

"We do not (have a leader). It’s your typical kicker battle — one day we think we’ve got a leader and the next day the other guy’s the leader. "

/sigh. Can't you guys just get at a HIGH LEVEL already?!

Young linemen falling in line

3 redshirt freshman are making a strong push for playing time in 2013—which is ahead of schedule on the normal Bronco clock. According to Cripe, the left side of the line is pretty well stocked with the oldies (Leno, Gerke, and Paradis), but RS Frosh Averill, Baggett and Yakoo are right in the thick of things. This bodes well for the for 2014, when we lose the aforementioned anchors.

Bell ringin'

I have no idea if these were the top plays of the practice session, but we like big hits 'round these parts, so I'm pleased as punch that Taylor Loffler separated Connor Peters from his helmet and that Jack Fields runnedover (it's a word if I say it is, darn it) Cleshawn Page on the goal line. Fields should make a strong push for #2 RB this year and it's just nice to see safety Loffler recovered from his string of knee injuries.

Scrimmage time

The Broncos will practice today, but the real show is on Saturday at 5pm. The scrimmage format will be four 8-minute quarters, pitting the offense against the defense. The game starts at 5m and "only" costs $9 a head. Be there or be unwilling to spend $9 to watch a scrimmage!