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Spring football notebook: April 10, 2013

The past few weeks have been exciting for Bronco football lovers. Southwick ready to run, Ajayi ready to eat some railroad ties, and Coach Pete is unhappy. It's a good thing there's practice, 'cause I'm running out of links these days.

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The Statesman and Idaho Press Tribune are the only outlets reporting on Spring Camp, so make sure to follow their blogs here and here for updated information.

Interesting storyline o' the day

The big storyline over the past few weeks is Southwick's emergence as a leader, and Pete's desire to let him run. Run with the wind, Joe, run with the wind. Evidently Southwick has matured enough that he no longer relies on a mustache for his mythical prowess and talent. A year as the starter and a full off-season to practice has done wonders for Joe's confidence and the coaches ability to game plan around his strengths. According to Boise State quarterbacks coach Jonathan Smith:

"You can see his command out there. I think he is playing with even more confidence and so that's a really good thing. We're going to lean on him heavy. He's a senior and returning starter at the most critical position. I think he's grabbed onto that and run with it."

It's great to see the coaches confidence in Southwick, and even better to see his own confidence develop throughout the past several months.

Linebackers ready to rock...booyah

With the departures of J.C. Percy and Tommy Smith, the pressure is officially on Junior-to-be Blake Renaud. And it's no secret to Renaud that the pressure is on:

"I'm going to make myself put more pressure on myself."

That's a lot of pressure and a lot of "myself". If anyone can handle pressure, though, it's the MAC truck, AKA Blake Renaud. The young, but powerful linebacker is ready to lead a group of other young, yet equally talented linebackers as the Broncos look to replace leading tacklers from last season.

Renaud won't be short on help, but he will be short on experience. Looking to get into the rotation will be Tyler Gray, Ben Weaver, and Andrew Pint. But wait! There's more! Don't forget about highly touted baseball prodigy turned Bronco recruit Joey Martarano. The true freshman will look to make an immediate impact. Also, return missionary Darren Lee will also be looking to get back into the swing of football life.

Coach Bob Gregory on the young group:

"They've got a huge amount of potential - we're going to be pretty good at linebacker for a while."

/breathes sigh of relief.

What's next?

The Broncos have another practice (Wednesday) before the Spring Game on Saturday. The annual Blue & Orange Spring Game will be held at Bronco Stadium on Saturday, April 13th. The game will begin at 5:00 pm and the entrance fee is $9.

If you are a season ticket holder or are running the Beat Coach Pete race, you will get in for free. The last few Spring Games have seen MASSIVE crowds, so make sure to get there early, and be LOUD!

If this doesn't get you pumped up for Saturday, you're dead, or on the wrong blog. Enjoy.

Obligatory Dustin Lapray homage

Ex-Magic Valley Times writer Dustin Lapray was a star that was extinguished far too early (went Supernova, I believe). He wore bandanas, wrote flowery prose about football, and now writes for (oh, I guess he still wears bandanas).

"Three moons need pass, before our eyes behold again the b'loved Blue Grass.

Southwick, they say, is ready to run, oh what a glorious pun.

Lawrence and Ajayi bringeth the pain, let the good folks all pray for no rain.

See you I shall, at the Stadium of thunderous Broncos,

The glory and power therein shall flow."

Your Turn

Who are you most excited to see at the Spring Game? Hit the poll and comments to let us know!