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Friday free-for-all: Football returns

Football's brief return is just a weekend away. We can discuss that or some other stuff. It's a long weekend, so fire away.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This weekend's free-for-all comes with the promise of football—Monday, to be exact. I know that Melvin Marsh will be there to report the goings on, but in the meantime, we can discuss any number of last-minute topics.

Don't forget about me

Boise State will play their last home basketball game of the year tomorrow afternoon at 1:30PM against the Aztecs of San Diego State. The Broncos might not have to win this game, but doing so might make them a lock for the tourney. Come out and support the team on senior night, where they'll be honoring ONE senior (C Kenny Buckner). ONE SENIOR?! This team might be better than we thought.

Spring storylines

Here's one: Who the heck is going to step up at DT? Boise State has basically 3 DTs returning with any playing time— Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe, Tyler Horn, and Armand Nance. Horn is a converted DE and Nance is a true sophomore. Yowza. We've discussed it before, but Boise State needs some guys to step up on the interior line with a quickness. Elliot Hoyte, Robert Ash, and JC-transfer Deuce Mataele are top candidates (maybe the only candidates until Fall).

Here's another: Who the heck is going to step up at CB? Boise State is operating with a skeleton crew at CB with their top 3 guys from last season injured or graduated. Donte Deayon, a true soph, will be the top returner with 2 JC-transfers (Cleshawn Page and Deontae Florence) and a redshirt freshman (Chaz Anderson) alongside. Obviously, they'll get some help in the Fall, when the 2013 signees arrive, but that's a mighty small contingent for some mighty important positions. Will Ebo Makinde move back from safety to pad their numbers?

Book learnin'

Chris Petersen—coach, mentor, now author. Chris Petersen co-authored a book with BSU Professor Nancy Napier and "The Gang" that was launched(?) yesterday. The book is titled "Wise Beyond Your Field: How Creative Leaders Out Innovate to Out Perform". I read it to my son last night at bedtime and his IQ jumped 25 points.

Back in blue

The NCAA did not adopt the new rule that would've outlawed Boise State's "blue on blue" home unis. Hooray for justice! However, the Broncos will have to modify their black unis if they want to keep them in the repertoire as a new NCAA rule gets very specific about gradients and such.

Future OOC

So as we all know, the Broncos will be playing Florida State in 2019 and 2020. Who else is on your dream OOC game list. Personally, I'd like a crack at Ohio State or Notre Dame.

Other stuff

Anything else. Any new Harlem Shake videos?