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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 3-8-13


Mountain West Conference closing in on 7-year rights deal with ESPN

It looks like the Mountain West is closing in on a deal with ESPN. This is good news for Boise State, as every home game will be televised on the ESPN family of networks. Additionally, it looks like the conference championship game will be picked up, as well as conference basketball. This is great for the conference as a whole, and the decision to remain in the MW is looking better by the day.

Boise State’s blue jerseys are back!

Evidently the NCAA realized how ridiculous and asinine their proposed rule changes were. The Broncos will be allowed to keep their blue on blue on blue uniform structure for home games. The only notable change is that they will have to have contrasting numbers on the jersey. Blah. Can someone say new jerseys, please? Nike? Hello?

Broncos to host SDSU tomorrow

After two VERY close losses to SDSU, the Broncos will be looking for redemption Saturday afternoon for the last game of the season. The game is at TBA, and needs to be LOUD! So go get your tickets, now!