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Friday free-for-all: March 29, 2013

Forgive my absence this past week...I decided to find out what this "Spring Break" hubbub was about and took the Mrs. on an all-expense paid vacation. To make matters worse, Melvin Marsh was riding the rails looking for the Big Rock Candy Mountains. Luckily for us, nothing much happened this week—or did it?

The majestic grizzly bear in its native habitat.
The majestic grizzly bear in its native habitat.

UConn and ULL home-and-homes added to future schedule

Clearly, the UConn series is a tad more exciting than the Ragin' Cajuns series...but hey, maybe they'll bring gumbo. Boise State will play at UConn in 2014 and then wait until 2018 for the rubber match. ULL will also begin the two-game stretch in 2014, but will be start in Boise and get their return trip in 2016. All-in-all, not a bad set of future OOC games and frankly, given the Broncos struggles with getting good non-conference games at home, I don't think we have too much reason to complain about adding Louisiana-Lafayette lest we look like the elitist meanie-heads that we spend so much time bashing. It's just a shame neither of these games replaced next season's Tennessee-Martin matchup.

Leon Rice gives the 2013 Broncos an 'A' for effort

Hard to argue with that. Rice's squad received the school's first at-large tournament bid with just one senior on the roster and in a very difficult league. In other news from the basketball front, the Broncos will have a new court next year at Taco Bell Arena and buzzkill Dave Southorn says it won't be all-blue. Also, the Bronco hoops team will be traveling overseas in August, which is something you can do, apparently. Hopefully, they'll head to Australia and pick up a few more Drmicses.

McShay thinks Jamar Taylor looks like a Giant

NFL Draft guru Todd McShay thinks the NY Giants will add Taylor to their roster with their round 2 pick (49th overall). Personally, I'm not sure he'll still be available then.

Orlando Scandrick unburns bridges

The former Bronco CB and current Dallas Cowboy joined Caves and Prater on IST earlier this week and lied through his teeth said that there was no animosity towards the program, the fans, or Coach Pete and he'll "absolutely" rep the Broncos in his pre-game intro the next chance he gets. It's not really hard to go back the past few years and see that Scandrick did, in fact, have a bee in his bonnet regarding Boise State...but if he's ready to let bygones be bygones (or just make sure tickets are sold to his joint autograph session with Jeron Johnson) then I suppose Bronco Nation can move on as well. As an aside, it's worth noting that I've been told that Scandrick is doing the autograph session for free—something that appears to show his willingness to mend his relationships in Boise.