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Friday free-for-all: March 22, 2013

Forgive the lateness of today's plate is rather full (and not with nachos).

Otto Kitsinger III

It's Friday and Spring break time (which once you're out of school is known as "a work week"), but still plenty to discuss. Here are a few topics to get your gears turning.

Scrimmage time

Before Bronco Spring ball adjourns for Spring Break, they'll hold their first scrimmage, which is closed to the public and the I guess it's one of those "if a tree falls in a forest" type scenarios. Without the benefit of any kind of reporting, I think it would be wise to just guess as to what will happen today in the scrimmage. My prediction: Matt Paradis rushes for over 200 yards. Did I mention I'm bad at predictions?

MWC suckage

Boise State has plenty of company now in the one and done club at the NCAA basketball tourney with UNLV and UNM falling in their first round matchups yesterday. Colorado State was the lone bright spot, putting a thumping on Missouri. It's worth noting that Boise State drubbed CSU in their last I think the Broncos are getting closer to where they need to be, but the MWC's credibility took a bit of a hit yesterday, no debating that. Misery loves company though, so hooray!

Pro Day

DJ Harper improved upon all of his combine testing, but the big news of the day was that Mike Atkinson did 32 freaking reps on the bench press (of 225 lbs.) and Dan Paul did 30. I ran those numbers through a reps to 1 rep max calculator and the duo bench pressed 1,628 lbs and 1,161 lbs., respectively. Wait...what?

Wide receivers

Chadd Cripe has an article on BSU's receiving corps today and it struck me that we have a ton of speed, height, talent at the position, but only a few Matt Miller has really played at an elite level. Of course, the Broncos spread the ball around a lot and utilize tight ends a great deal...but this year will be step up time for the unit and regardless of the experience and depth, a true frosh could come in and play if he can show playmaking ability (looking at you, Kendal Keys). Who has the most potential? The most upside? Which wideout has failed to live up to their billing/promise? Discuss.

New commit

Lost in NCAA news was the fact that Boise State has already gained their first verbal commit for 2014, local (Rocky Mountain High School) DB Khalil Oliver. Has anyone seen Oliver play? Is he moonlighting as a hairstylist?


3 Boise State wrestlers have made the quarterfinals at the NCAA wrestling tournament. They are: Jason Chamberlain, George Ivanov, and J.T. Felix. Brian Owen (133 lbs.) has been bounced from the tourney with 2 losses and Jake Swartz (184 lbs.) went 1-1 and is still alive in the consolation bracket. All four wrestlers that are still alive in the tourney have a shot at All-American status and Chamberlain (25-1 on the year) might represent our best chance for an individual champion. He'll face the only wrestler he's lost to this year, Oregon State's Scott Sakaguchi, in the quarters (Chamberlain is 7-1 against Sakaguchi all-time) today.