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Spring football notebook: March 21, 2013

Well, March Madness was short-lived, but we're proud of our Bronco hoops team. Lots to build on and a LOT to look forward to. There's a lot to look forward to with the Bronco football team as well, so consider this spring report a salve to soothe that burning pain of a Bronco tourney loss.

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Brian Losness-US PRESSWIRE

The Statesman might be the only outlet actually reporting on Spring Camp, so for their account, head here. To discuss said report without losing a bit of your soul, like you will on the Statesman comment boards, stay here.

Interesting storyline o' the day

Boise State back in the ESPN spotlight and getting paid for it (for once). The Broncos announced yesterday that ESPN has purchased the rights to air all of Boise State's home games through 2019 and the Broncos will have 3 games per year guaranteed to be nationally televised. Monetarily, this means at least $900,000 in bonus payouts for the Broncos each year, on top of their split of the $12M in annual TV revenue from the conference. In short, Boise State will be getting PAID—and while it's not close to the kind of scratch that the "big 5" conference members are commanding—it will be above and beyond what the Big East payouts would have been (at least for the Broncos). Winning pays off, kids.

D-line impressing...thank goodness

While not thin on the scales, the Bronco interior D-line is short on experience this season...but Pete likes what he's seen from the unit thus far in camp:

“Those guys are going to play at a high level,” he said. “Those are probably the main guys that have caught my eye.”

Petersen doesn't throw out terms like "high level" very often. Well, okay...he throws it out each and every press conference—it's one of his "big 3" Pete-isms (right behind "Without/No question" and "Yeah..."). However, this doesn't mean that Pete's sentiments aren't true...I don't even think Petersen is capable of telling a lie as every time he speaks, a new puppy is born. The D-line impressing is definitely a GOOD sign and if the Broncos front 4 are on point in 2013, it takes a bit of pressure off the other thin position on the defensive side of things...cornerbacks. Speaking of which...

“I have tremendous confidence in our defensive coaching staff and (defensive backs coach) Jimmy Lake with the talent that we have here now and the talent we have coming that we’re going to play at a high level. I really feel like that. "

There it was again...take a drink!

Ajayi looking "explosive"

No full pads yet for the Broncos (who will hold their first Spring scrimmage—closed to the public—on Friday), but sophomore RB Jay Ajayi is looking the part of the #1 tailback thus far. Chadd Cripe described Ajayi's play this spring as "explosive", and that has nothing to do with the nitro-glycerine belt that Ajayi has been donning at practice.

Friendly competition

Boise State likes to tackle fundamentals in the spring, but also have a little fun while they're at it. Provided the below link works, you'll see the D-linemen trying to stop a couple of pretty sad soccer shots from their teammates. First up, Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe fails in spectacular(ly funny) fashion, but Elliot Hoyte shows why the UK is a futbol power and makes an amazing—albeit slow—save.


Pro Day

Boise State's pro day is today, so Bronco NFL hopefuls will have a second, or in some cases, first chance to raise whatever draft stock they may have. Jamar Taylor is listed as the #4 CB on new draft boards, making him a fringe 1st-rounder, and this article from Taylor's local San Diego paper explains why Taylor is such a fast riser. Fellow CB Jerrell Gavins is more-than-ready for his turn at pro day as well from the sounds of things:

“I’ve been sitting down too long … so I’m ready to display all the things I can do. … I have no clue (what I’ll run in the 40). All I know is I can play football and shut down receivers. I’ve got film on that.”

<-- "high level"

Dan Paul will also perform at Boise State's pro day, but just the standard running through a brick wall and benchpressing an Audi tests.

Obligatory Dustin Lapray homage

Ex-Magic Valley times writer Dustin Lapray was a star that was extinguished far too early (went Supernova, I believe). He wore bandanas, wrote flowery prose about football, and now writes for (oh, I guess he still wears bandanas).

"The palpable burden of sadness looms over the hulking running back like the sword of Damocles—Jay Ajayi has lost his favorite do-rag"