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Official OBNUG Tournament Bracket

Forget Spring Ball - it's time to DANCE! Join the official OBNUG Tournament Bracket! P.S. If you don't pick the Broncos to take it all, you'll be booted automatically.

Rice goes wild
Rice goes wild
Idaho Statesman

For the first time in school history, the Boise State Broncos Basketball team (by the way - my Mom thinks that they shouldn't have the same name as the football team - sigh) has earned an At-Large birth to the NCAA Tournament.

Because this is the first time, this is also the FIRST OBNUG Tournament Bracket (one with the Broncos actually on the bracket as an At-Large team) ever! Yes, you are participating in history!

If you aren't familiar with the ESPN bracket, follow the link below and search for "OBNUG" in the Group Name box. Click Join Group, and it should ask you for a password, which is Broncos.

Join the group and make your picks ASAP! The winner will receive a personal visit from Kevan Lee where he will cook you dinner and serenade you with an acoustic version of the BSU fight song.

Game on!