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Friday free-for-all: March 15, 2013

The 3rd practice of Spring Camp took place yesterday and Boise State basketball has some nail-biting to do until Selection Sunday (which, thankfully is this Sunday). Both topics are fair game in this weekend's free-for-all.

Otto Kitsinger III

Bubble watch

Boise State looked like a lock to make the NCAA tourney after they defeated SDSU last week on Senior Night, but things change quickly in college basketball and now there are some doubts that they'll make the field after their quarterfinal loss to the same SDSU team in Las Vegas. Apparently, Boise State is included in the field in 86 of 97 brackets, but notably, is in Joe Lunardi's "first four out" in his new bracketology column.

Florence one to watch at CB

Deontae Florence was a late addition to last year's recruiting class as a transfer from College of the Desert where he was known to be a ballhawk. Apparently, he's still interception-happy and has collected at least 3 this Spring so far. With 2 CB spots wide open, Florence could be one to watch this Spring and Fall. He has 2 years left to play.

Lies! Lies, I tell you!

So all that bluster the other day about the 25 lb. weight gain of RB Devan Demas was apparently based on a lie. Well, wasn't a lie so much as a typo. Demas is not up to 195 lbs. as previously stated, but is sitting at 175. Frankly, with the type of slasher type of back that he is (think Jeremy Avery), I don't really think it's imperative that he be as bulky as the rest of the RB stable. Where do you think Demas will fit into this year's backfield?

Horn at DT

I threw out a prediction the other day with 85% certainty that Tyler Horn would remain at tackle this year rather than his recruited position, defensive end. It appears that Horn would be okay with that too:

“I don’t really have a preference anymore,” Horn said. “I just, honestly, want to play. Playing inside is a little different, but in the long run it’s just going to make me a better overall player.”

If Horn were to stay at DE, it's a safe bet he'd be in the second rotation (behind Lawrence and Ukwuachu), but he has a good chance of starting alongside Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe if he's at tackle. Seems like a no-brainer. Besides Beau Martin, Kharyee Marshall and either Sam McCaskill or Darien Barrett are all ready and able to fill Horn's vacated end spot.

Still kicking

The father of Boise State football, Lyle Smith, was apparently kicking around practice on Thursday. He turns 97 on Sunday. This is awesome.

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