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Spring football notebook: March 14, 2013

Day 2 of Spring practice is in the books and again, just one outlet really decided to cover any part of it. OBNUG breaks down their coverage to provide our specialty: 3rd hand coverage (at best).

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Interesting storyline o' the day

Joe Southwick is bigger, better and sporting a clean upper lip—let the Heisman talk begin. Well, okay—let's not go that far, but Southwick certainly impressed in the latter part of the season and he seems comfortable in his role as incumbent QB and leader with Spring ball just underway.

“Being a senior, I think, even is more important. Something kind of changes when you become a senior. All of us seniors have been talking about it. This is our last go-round for us. We’re just all trying to get better. Coming in as a starter helps, too, just from a whole offensive perspective — there’s a little more structure, I’d say, more organization.”

and about that offense...

“Yeah, maybe (the playbook was too full) a little bit, and then I think it’s tough to just, from me being here this whole time, going from coordinator to coordinator to coordinator. It’s tough to be on the same page with how much stuff we’ve had in the past and how much stuff we still have. (Offensive coordinator Robert Prince) has done a great job this offseason. I’m loving what we’ve got going right now. I think we’ve looked really crisp these first two days.”

This is a valid point and one that didn't get discussed all that much last year. The lion's share of the blame for the poor (by BSU standards) offensive output last season was either put on Southwick or Prince...but in reality, it may have been neither of them. Southwick rightly points out that he is on his 3rd OC since joining the program and communication just might not have been where it needed to be. This is something that obviously improved as the season wore on. Southwick and Prince spoke each other's language better and better and, well, Southwick responded by grasping the offensive gameplan.

Southwick a Southpaw?

Maybe the most startling revelation to come out of day 2 of Spring Camp is that Southwick is a secret lefty, but plays right-handed. What? So is he ambidextrous or just a poseur? Embrace the awkward, worked for these people (listed in order of importance):

  • Kellen Moore
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Stan Lee
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • 50 cent
  • Bill Gates

Bulky Joe

Tim Socha's Crisco meal plan has really paid dividends this offseason with most of the team. Notably, Southwick is now at 202 lbs. (up from 185). Now he'll slide short of the first down marker with AUTHORITY!

Horn to stay at tackle?

DE-turned-DT Tyler Horn has been pulling double thus far in Spring practice, but with Robert Ash moving to the O-line and DTs in short supply (at least experienced ones)...I think that Horn makes the switch permanent and slides to the interior for good this Fall. With Horn in the DT mix, that gives the Broncos a solid front-4 option of Ukwuachu, Horn, Tjong-A-Tjoe, and Lawrence. I'd put Horn's chances of staying at tackle at 85%.


Demarcus Lawrence continues his fumble-causing ways, wrenching one loose from Jack Fields early in yesterday's practice. Lawrence had 4 FFs last year.

Obligatory Dustin Lapray homage

Ex-Magic Valley times writer Dustin Lapray was a star that was extinguished far too early (went Supernova, I believe). He wore bandanas, wrote flowery prose about football, and now writes for (oh, I guess he still wears bandanas).

"Flowing gracefully—a life-sustaining waterfall. Matt Paradis' hair."