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Shake a Leg, Bronco Nation: March 13, 2013

Your regular link man, Nate Peters, was indisposed this morning so he asked for a bit of help with his daily constitutional

Mountain West Basket-ball tournament begins west of Hoover Dam

The Mountain West Basket-ball tournament began last night (forgive erroneous messaging from this morning—was not wearing my cheaters) Wyoming defeating Nevada. The real action begins tonight at 10 o'clock sharp as the Broncos of Boise State take on the Aztecs of San Diego State. Boise State has been given long odds to take the crown (9-to-1), but a smart betting man would take that bet—Dempsey was given 50-to-1 odds against Frenchman Carpentier in '21 and Dempsey gave that Gaul a real whomping in just four rounds!

Bronco ink series with Troy for '17 and '18

/Bronx Cheer.