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Friday free-for-all

It's March, and we're tantalizingly close to the start of Spring Camp, but since that journey is not yet finished, let's talk about anything but that.

Otto Kitsinger III

Over the last month or so, I've been proposing a single topic of discussion for our weekend diversion from NO FOOTBALL—this weekend, it's Thunderdome. I'll throw out a few topics, but it's basically up to you where we go with this weekend's thread. Aaand...GO.

Possible discussion topics

NFL draft

Jamar Taylor and DJ Harper both showed well at the NFL combine this week—especially Taylor. Did Taylor do enough to go on day 1? Will some other Broncos get in the draft discussion after BSU's pro day on March 21st? Is Jerrell Gavins short?

BSU basketball

Most analysts and bubble-watchers believe the MWC could get 5 teams in the dance. Basically, if Boise State (who's on a 3-game win-streak) can win 2 of their next 3 they're probably a lock. If they can get past CSU tomorrow night at the blackout, they could be inching closer to dancin'.



Boise State announced a home-and-home football series with the mighty Cavaliers of Virginia last week. The Broncos are slated to take on UVA in 2015 (Marty McFly's future) and 2017 Good move? Bad move? Neutral move? Busta move?

MWC to the rescue

The same conference that has banned Boise State from wearing blue on blue the last two seasons has now swooped in to defend the Broncos against a similar rule proposed by the NCAA. Wha?!

The Vandals


Boise State Harlem Shake

Why, God?


Stuff, things, etc. I got nothin'