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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 2-8-13

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Justin Edmonds

Titus Young had no trade value

Lions GM Martin Mayhew said he didn't even both calling anyone when it came to placing Young on waivers last week. I feel like we've talked about this a lot, but Young has a soft spot in many Bronco hearts, and it's sad to see a former Bronco have such difficulties (self-made or otherwise) after they leave the blue.

Boise State football's recruiting catchphrase, OKG, shows up at Arizona

Looks like it isn't just the Broncos impressive coaching, playing, and recruiting that has caught wind at national programs; it's their lingo as well. For those of you who don't know (and I was one of you up until very recently), OKG is a phrase Coach Pete often uses with the media. It stands for "our kind of guy". Well, one of the Arizona assistants must have been watching the Coach Pete weekly media pressers and decided he would like to borrow that phrase.

The Fruitland Flash, and what they mean to Boise State

The Fruitland Flash, otherwise known as Joey Martarano and Alec Dhaenens. Martarano, a standout three-sport athlete received an offer from the Broncos when he was just a sophomore. And Alec Dhaenens had suitors from the PAC12 in addition to the Broncos. Best friends since childhood, the duo is hoping to have an immediate impact on the roster, although much of this will depend on whether Martarano is drafted by the Major League in June. Fingers crossed!