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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 2-6-13

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Noel Vasquez

Titus Young picked up fast

Less than 24 hours after the Detroit Lions officially said sayonara to wideout Titus Young, an improbably bidder came calling. Titus Young will join former Bronco Austin Pettis and the St. Louis Rams for the 2013 season. Hopefully Young can have some sense talked into him by his friend and former teammate. My gut says he still has some tough lessons to learn, but here's to hoping.

National Letter of Intent Day

Today is the day! National Letter of Intent day is today (that is, if you are reading this on Wednesday). The fax machine will be buzzin', and Coach Pete will be taking on the media throughout the day. Here's to hoping we get everyone that we've had our fingers crossed for. Stay tuned to OBNUG throughout the day as Drew provides updates.

National analyst talks details with Chad Cripe

Chad Crippe sits down with Brandon Huffman, a national college football recruiting analyst for to talk about the Broncos recruiting class for 2013. High praise all around for the commits that the Coaches have been able to secure thus far. Obviously more to come on this throughout the day as those signatures start pouring in.