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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 2-5-13

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Bronco Men travel to San Diego

The BSU Men's basketball team will travel to San Diego State to take on the Aztecs Wednesday night. The game will be available on DirecTV channel 691. Not sure if it is available on any other networks at the moment. The boys are coming off their best win of the season against UNLV, and will be looking for their second upset in a row.

Titus Young out in Detroit

Evidently the Detroit Lions have had enough with Titus Young's antics. The speedy receiver, and former Bronco, has been cut by the Detroit Lions effective immediately. It's unfortunately to see someone with such talent, make such stupid decisions. Hopefully he gets his head right and can convince someone to pick him up.

Cornerback who starred in Texas state title game commits to Boise State football team

Texas Cornerback Hartsfield has committed to play for Boise State. He joins an impressive recruiting class, and one that has a strong defensive focus. Hartsfield received only one D1 offer, but is not short on his skills and athleticism.