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Most Overrated Coaches

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For the hatemay devotees out there, you will recall an article I did last week in regards to the most valuable coaches.

Steve Dykes

It wasn't a bit on most ethical coaches, the coaches with the most wins, or the coaches who are the most attractive. It was a bit on coaches who provide the most value to their team. This week I delve into the realm of the most overrated coaches.

Starting off this list is a two for one. Mark and Mike Stoops. First off, I was never very high on Mark Stoops. He handled the defense at Florida State for Jimbo Fisher. I was never impressed much with Florida State's D during his tenure and think he has a whole lot to prove. His brother Mike, was the Head Coach at Arizona, where it looked like his teams would make a push for the conference title before falling flat on their faces two years in row. Mike can curse and throw headsets with the best of them, but aside from his last name, he is a dime a dozen.

Lane Kiffen- I'm not sure how he.... nah.... why beat a dead horse....

Mark "Bo" Pelini- Another coach who can curse and throw headsets with the best of em. He has the most athletic quarterback his school has seen since Tommy Frazier, and hasn't gotten his team to a BCS game. Am I gauging his performance based off that fact? No, but Pelini had a good match up against what many thought would be a Nebraska victory over a Wisconsin team that never had a consistent starter at quarterback. Nebraska (and Pelini for that matter), have been known for their defense. Well, that defense was no where to be found in the Big 10 championship game when Wisconsin wiped the field with Nebraska. In that game, Wisconsin threw for 101 yards and rushed for 540 yards. Follow that defensive effort up with allowing 400 yards passing and 200 yards rushing against Georgia in their bowl game. I'm not saying that Georgia isn't good, but in big games, the mighty Nebraska defense is getting ravaged.... It isn't a matter of a hard fought game, their D is getting hit six ways from Sunday. Gotta pick it up Pelini.

Charlie Weis- A close relative of Jabba The Hut, Weis was big time in the Pros and NCAA. In my opinion there must be a huge coaching shortage in D-1 football, because that is the only reason I can think of as to why the Kansas Jayhawks hired Weis. He had gobs of talent at Notre Dame, but couldn't manage to win big games. He also seemed to have some issues connecting with his players. This year at Kansas, Weis could not find a quarterback who could throw for more than about 50 yards a game, and seems to be dead set on the Jake Heaps experience next year, which I will wager won't go any better for the Jayhawks. Unfortunately, Weis belongs in the NFL. I think in two years we will see Weis back on his way to Pros.

Bronco Mendenhall- Many Nugies know my BYU hatred, but this one is pretty clear. Many BYU fans I assosiate with (who know college football) know that Mendenhall leaves much to be desired of, as far as his coaching. In terms of religion they couldn't be happier, but we all know why we play the game. We play to win. We don't just play it just to play it. I'm not taking credit away from Mendenhall's BYU defense, but he had copius amounts of talent this year at wide receiver in Ross Apo and Cody Hoffman. Both are tall, have speed, and good hands, and yet it took about 9 games into the year for Mendenhall to find a game plan that got one of those two guys the ball. Both of those WR's should have had 9-12 catches a game. Mendenhall also has a problem finding a quarterback. Three quarterbacks started games this year, one should not have even been on the team, and one of them had a season ending knee injury because Mendenhall's OC could not signal in 22 zone as the last play of the game, so the quarterback called his own number, and took a helmet to the knee cap, season over. Luckily for Mendenhall, he will get Kyle Van Noy, Cody Hoffman, and if he is healthy at fall camp Taysom Hill back. BYU should have another great defense, and if Robert Anae is the savior everyone expects, they may win 10 games, or the Cougars could get another devastating injury at quarterback and career reserve Jason Munns or another inexperienced qb is forced into action and BYU squeaks into a bowl game.

Who is your most overrated coach? Leave a comment.