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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 2-22-13

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New complex receives approval

The new football complex has received approval from the State Board for a new name. As was mentioned earlier this week, the proposed name would be the Gene Bleymaier Football Complex, and it looks like that name will be sticking.

Broncos head to California

The BSU Men's basketball team, coming off an impressive victory against Air Force, will head to Fresno to take on the Bulldogs of Fresno State tomorrow. The Bulldogs aren't exactly a top-of-the-conference program right now, but everyone knows that you can't sleep on any team in the Mountain West.

College Football in London

Think the glory days are over after High School? Think again, partner. A new program is being launched in London that will give students a chance to play football once again, this time while studying abroad.