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Most Valuable Coaches

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There are many coaches in the league who win games, win titles, recruit well, etc etc. Which coach can you not live without (Coach Petersen aside)?

Streeter Lecka

Yes, I am leaving Coach Petersen off this list because it is implied that all of us wouldn't trade him for the world. So lets take a look at some of the Most Valuable Coaches, in no particular order.

Nick Saban- He is as pompous as they come. It is hard to argue with the results he has had in the college game. He can recruit some very talented athletes, but he cannot handle the press without rubbing their nose in something. And he cannot admit when he gets out coached or his team gets out played. This is not a list of the coaches with the best people skills or who mastered Steven R. Covey's 7 Habits, so I must admit that Saban is on the list of most valuable coaches.

Bill Snyder- K-State cannot run a successful program without him. I didn't agree with how they used Collin Klein, but old man Snyder wins games. They better groom someone to take over the program, otherwise they will be asking Snyder lead the program at his own funeral.

Urban Meyer- He has won wherever he has been. Granted, he bailed on Florida as soon as he discovered how tough it was to run his system without Alex Smith, Chris Leak, or Tim Tebow. I know hindsight is 20/20 but I called the Urban Meyer to Ohio State long before it happened. As soon as Braxton Miller emerged as the starter I knew that would bring Urban Meyer out of his "health induced retirement." But, credit where it's due, Meyer took over a reeling Ohio State team. As soon as they get off probation, look out.

Kevin Sumlin- He is the new hot item in college football, and it is hard not to like him. He is young, he is cool, he is aggressive with the football. He brought Houston out of obscurity, and restored Texas A & M to more than 2nd fiddle in Texas, but a national power. Sumlin looks to just be getting started. If you are a quarterback, he is the guy to play for. First Case Keenum, now Johnny Manziel, quarterbacks should be salivating to play for Sumlin. I think there is a new sheriff in the SEC.

The Hat- He finds a way to win games. I cannot for the life of me watch LSU play football. Their offense is as entertaining as a nursing home. But the fans in Baton Rouge think the sun rises and sets on Les Miles' hat.

Gary "Pants Action" Patterson- He has been a part of building TCU into a top 10 defense year in and year out. The move to the Big 12 was a no brainer, but Pants must prove (regardless of what happens to Casey Pachall) that he can find a quarterback who can run an offense. Pachall was great, but Trevone Boykin showed 0 improvement over last season.

Mike Leach- If he can't win in Pullman, shut it down. He is the man to lead the Cougars out of the Pac-12 hole. He showed improvements and is what the party happy athletes in Pullman need. Leach made students run around campus for 3-4 hours with a cinder block over their head for missing class at Tech, that is a mentality that has never existed in Pullman. Leach is great at reaching kids, and made a living out of doing more with less at Tech. Wazzu laid down fat stacks to get Leach, so right now, he holds the key to Wazzu's relevance.

Who is your most valuable coach? Leave your comments below.