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Get your OBNUG Valentine's Day cards here!

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Your significant other will be so excited, they'll forget you completely dropped the ball this year.

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Valentine's Day isn't just a day where it's mandatory to pity your single's also a day to speed up the onset of Type 2 diabetes by eating a mountain of chocolates. Oh...and Valentine's Day is a great time to hand out themed cards to one and all. If you forgot to get your sweetie're in luck—for the second year, OBNUG is bailing you out with our very own set of Valentine's cards. Hope your couch is comfy! Since some of last year's cards are still relevant, I've included those as well. Just print, cut along the dotted line and present to your best gal, your best guy, or a confused co-worker.


Gabe_card_medium Paradis_2013_medium

Beau_2013_medium Taylor_2013_medium

Tjong_medium Uk_medium

Pete_card_medium Broyles_2013_medium

Miss_2013_medium Ware_2013_medium

Southwick_2013_medium Gerk_2013_medium