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Big questions following Chris Petersen's hire at Washington

Ethan Miller

As the dust continues to settle from the Chris Petersen news (the dust is making my eyes weep, I swear it's the dust and nothing else), attention starts to turn to the litany of unanswered questions and collateral damage from losing a favorite coach, national treasure, future governor, and best friend. Here are many of those questions and few answers.

What will happen to Boise State's recruiting class?

Petersen was in the midst of a stellar 2014 class of recruits, including the Future King of Boise, QB Jalen Greene. Here is the list of verbal commitments from the Broncos, along with some assorted Twitter Tweets when these guys got the news.

  • DB Khalil Oliver, 6-1, 185, Rocky Mountain HS
  • QB Jalen Greene, 6-3, 194, Serra HS (Los Angeles)
  • CB Brandon Lewis, 5-11, 180, Pleasant Grove HS (Elk Grove, Calif.)
  • DL Greg Gaines, 6-1, 290, La Habra (Calif.) HS
  • TE Drew Sample, 6-4, 235, Newport (Wash.) HS
  • WR Sean Modster, 5-11, 190, Mission Viejo (Calif.) HS
  • OL Jesse Sosebee, 6-5, 300, Edison HS (Huntington Beach, Calif.)
  • OL Ryan Griswold, 6-5, 250, Pearland (Texas) HS
  • DL/LB Jaylen Johnson, 6-4, 240, Centennial HS (Corona, Calif.)
  • ATH Kekoa Nawahine, 6-2, 190, Rocky Mountain HS
  • OL Troy Bacon, 6-4, 280, Oak Hills (Calif.) HS
  • DL David Moa, 6-4, 260, Kearny HS (San Diego)
  • DE Will Dissly, 6-4, 250, Bozeman (Mont.) HS

Some select tweets:

Jaylen Johnson, he of the visiting Oregon and committing to Boise State, had little to say about it. Like Jalen Greene, he's still got his own football to worry about.

You'll notice I did not answer the question of "what will happen to Boise State's recruiting class" because I don't know how to answer it. A lot will depend on the next head coach and whether these kids were coming to Boise State to sit at the feet of a coaching legend or to sit at the ketchup bar at the Boise Fry Company.

Washington is coming to the Blue Turf in 2015

Tickets are on sale for a billion dollars.

The game is scheduled for opening weekend of 2015, if they keep it.

We built Petersen a Sky Club and a Football Complex. What more did he need?

Like all humans, we strive and yearn for but one common desire: churros.

Who will be interim head coach for the bowl game?

The leaders in the clubhouse are offensive line coach Chris Strausser and linebackers coach Bob Gregory.

Will Chris Petersen take any of his Boise State assistants with him to Washington?

The answer to this depends on who gets hired as the next Boise State coach. You'd think if one of the current assistants gets the gig he might want to keep his friends around. You also wonder if the new guy will have plans to bring his own guys with him. So basically I know nothing, which is kind of a theme of today.