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Boise State 23, Oregon State 38: Postgame Reax

Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

Final score - Boise State 23, Oregon State 38

What a fitting ending for the 2013 season. The most frustrating season in quite a long time, ended with the Broncos playing an underwhelming game on both sides of the ball.

Turning point

Grant Hedrick's sack/pass/fumble/awful thing that led to an Oregon State defensive recovery and touchdown. Although the Troy Ware fumble and Oregon State TD return may have been more of a turning point, the Hedrick fumble is where the momentum truly began to shift.


Hopefully a complete revamp of Bronco football. I'm sure Bryan Harsin and his coordinators are already chomping at the bit to jump in and start making some changes. The Broncos drop to 8-5 (yuck) on the season, and have a LOT of question marks going into the off-season.

Next game

At Ole Miss.

Your thoughts in the comments.